I am also able to offer clients other audio post-production services including sound design, sound editing and mixing.


On the WATCH tabs you will find films for which I have also completed the Sound Design e.g. 

WATCH 1 - Sintel, Living, Dying and Rising, Backbone

WATCH 2 - The Moment of Beauty, Eternity Corp.


I have recently fulfilled these roles (but not the composer) on two films for Lightning Oak Productions:

The Silent (Sound Editor/Mixer) - here's the trailer "A good Samaritan helps a troubled young man and the consequences are life changing."

Fort Box (Co-Sound Editor) - here's the trailer "Ten-year-old James likes nothing more than making cardboard models with his Mum, who has an idea for their most ambitious project to date - a cardboard box fort made from thousands of boxes. After a turn of events James and Dad take over the planning of the fort and set out to build it with the help of the local community..."

The full film is also now available.

Audio clips from "Fort Box" before and after audio clean-up.

Fort Box -
00:00 / 00:00

Audio reproduced by kind permission of Lightning Oak Productions. 

"Working with Richard was a really great experience. He helped clean up dialogue which I thought would have had to be done during ADR. He clearly knows his stuff, always responded swiftly and communicated clearly."

Dom Lee - Director, Lightning Oak Productions


Sound Editor and Mixer - "The Quartet" - Produced by Yue Dai ("Rebecca")

Sound Editor and Mixer - "The Matchmaker"


"It is a great experience to work with Richard. He is very conscientious, responsible and easy to communicate with. He cleaned up the dialogue and did the sound mixing job. Really helped me a lot."

Jiayue Huang - Director


I have also completed the sound editing/mixing on "Eternity Corp" and "Living, Dying and Rising" (see WATCH tabs).


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